Indiana Women's Education Foundation

Board of Trustees

A Board of a minimum of 7 but not more than 9 Trustees governs the corporation. The Trustees are the President and President-Elect of INFBPW and individuals proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the State Board of the Indiana Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.   The Board of Trustees reflects a broad spectrum of the public sector, management, education, and governmental and societal spheres.   Ex-Officio members may include, but are not limited to the INFBPW Choices Chair, the Indiana Women's Education Foundation Director of Development, the Indiana Women's Education Foundation Director of Marketing, the INFBPW Executive Secretary, and the INFBPW State Foundation Chair.


Chair Barbara Mofield 2017
Vice Chair Sue Willis, PSP 2017
Secretary Theresa Adams, PSP 2017
Treasurer Bonnie Mayfield 2017
Trustee Penny Sitler 2018
Trustee Marie Martin, PSP 2018

  Ex-Officio Members Choices

State Choices Chair  Joyce Nessell-Phipps, PSP    
Director of Marketing      
State Foundation Chair Jackie Woolard, PSP    
Director of Reality Store® Development Barbara Mofield    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of Development      
INFBPW, Executive Secretary      

  INFBPW Offices

President Tina Williams 2017  
President-elect Judy Zell 2018