The Foundation has divided its goal setting into long and short term goals.  The long term goals are aimed directly at the sustainability and growth of the Foundation.  These goals are concerned with 7 of the key elements of sustainability (all of which are important) and have been prioritized by the Board of Trustees as follows:

Short Term Goals (those which are to be reached in no more than 2 years) are:

a. Have identified and implemented at least one new project for women and youth.

b. Have sponsored at least one workshop at a Federation Conference and/or Convention Criteria:

1.  Education Workshop or Keynote Speaker

2.  Consistent with IWEF Mission Statement

3.  Cost not to exceed $500.00


Goals that have been achieved are:

The Foundation is well on its way to attaining our goals.  As the above goals are achieved - new ones will be set and posted on the website.